Harry Potter fandom still going strong 19 years after first film’s release


It has been 19 years since “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was released in movie theaters. In November, Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, hosted a small virtual reunion but hinted at a much bigger to-do for next year’s 20th anniversary. The Colt sat down with three HP fans to talk about their love of the series.


The Colt: Would you like for there to be a big reunion?

Buster Rowe, sophomore: There should be one because it’d be cool for the actors to meet back together and all the fans can see.

Emma Sawyers, sophomore: Yes because I love the movies and cast and I think all the fans would love that.

Alexa Medrano, sophomore: Yessss! Seeing them reconnect even after everything that’s happening would make my year.


TC: Would you want the big reunion to be online or in person?

BR: In person because the virtual thing would go slow or not fully work while in person they can interact better.

AM: Oh definitely in person. It would just bring more energy when everyone is together.


TC: Which character did you love or hate the most?

BR: I liked Ron Weasley the most.

ES: Snape, he’s annoying.

AM: I really hated Peter Pettigrew. He was just so gross and he sided with the enemy.


TC: If you could change one thing about the books or movies, what would it be?

ES: Ron and Hermione get married in the end or at least together. (Reporter’s note, Sawyers recently started watching the movies and had not gotten to the end at the time of this interview.)

AM: I feel like if Draco was given a better chance he would have made the right decisions. The whole series was about him being the ‘bully’ but he wouldn’t have been that if given the right chance.


TC: Do you want there to be another book or movie? If so, what would you want it to be about?

BR: I’d want there to be another movie and book about Harry Potter’s kid and how they grow up.

ES:  A new book and movie with them as full adults, like a life update with some type of twist.


TC: Lastly, if Hogwarts was real, would you go there and leave everything behind?

BR: Yes most definitely.

ES: 100% yes.

AM: Oh 100%. I get a pet owl AND I get to learn freaking magic! That would be dope and getting to get a more surreal experience in life.