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About Us

The Colt is the student produced newspaper for Arlington High School students, faculty, and the Arlington community. The purpose of the Newspaper is primarily educational, but it also serves to inform and entertain the readers as well as providing an open platform for student expression and the discussion of issues of concern to its audience. Content of The Colt is determined by the editorial board.

Editorials reflect the opinion of the editorial board. Columns and commentaries reflect the view of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the newspaper staff or school administration.

The Colt reserves the right to accept or reject Letters to the Editor and to edit for length. All Letters to the Editor must be signed. The online edition features a comments section where readers can post responses to articles. Please keep the posts appropriate to our school. Editors reserve the right to not approve comments due to language or content.

To contact The Colt staff, email us at [email protected] For business inquiries, or to support our program with an advertisement, contact us via email or by calling 682-867-6496.

Arlington High School is one of six high schools in the Arlington, Texas Independent School District. It enrolls about 2,600 students in central Arlington.

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About Us