Newest K-pop group’s debut album instantly makes staffer fan for life

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Moonbin my love,
May 15, 2023

From performing as trainees at K-Con for months to opening for their seniors ATEEZ at their world tour,  Xikers’ debut has been long awaited by fans. 

Xikers debuted with their album, “House of Tricky: Doorbell Ringing” on March 30. The members of the rookie group consists of Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Hunter, Yujun, and Yechan. 

The start of the album begins with “Tricky” to give us more insight into the boy’s possible storyline. So far, it seems it’s a twisted theme which is interesting considering there aren’t many haunted themes in K-Pop. The interlude is extremely important to this album as it explains Xikers story a bit. I highly recommend you do not skip this part. 

Xikers really went out with a bang on this song. I felt every emotion with it and went on this crazy roller coaster with the members of Xikers.

— Savannah Odell

Continuing onto track one, “Doorbell Ringing”, is quite interesting as it gives the vibe that you are entering a twisted fun-house. With lines like “you have to be afraid” and “spooky and creepy” you can get a feel of what this album is going to entail. 

Now we’ve hit the title track, “Tricky House.” You can definitely tell they are under KQ Entertainment as the debut song gives off the ATEEZ vibes every ATINY loves. The song is absolutely amazing and the music video is so fitting, I definitely recommend giving it a watch. I immediately fell in love with the song the second I heard it. 

“Dynamic (Cheongryang),” is our next interlude. It feels like you’ve explored a whole new area of the “Tricky House,” it leads into Xikers’ next song “Rockstar” extremely well. “Rockstar” is one of those songs that also sound so much like the KQ vibe. Personally, one of my favorite b-sides on the entire album. Xikers really came through with this song on the album. 

We’ve now reached track 6, “Xikey,” my first thoughts were, “possible fandom name?” Then again that’s just a theory; a K-pop theory. Anyways, the song is just one of those upbeat, “you can’t stop me I’m too good; you can’t kill my vibe” types that are very common in K-pop. One of my second favorite b-sides because of the line, “Look at my shoes, 이거 봐 (meaning: look at this) make you wanna say Tram-pam-pam-pam, Grr-ta-ta-tah, Oh-la-la-la.” 

We’ve reached the end of the album with our final track, “Oh My Gosh.” One of the best K-pop songs I’ve heard. It makes me feel like I’m floating and unstoppable. Xikers really went out with a bang on this song. I felt every emotion with it and went on this crazy roller coaster with the members of Xikers in their “Tricky House.” 

I highly recommend this album; it’s one of my favorite debut albums. You might have mixed feelings in the beginning or you might fall in love instantly but either way I can’t wait to continue supporting Xikers and see how these rookies develop and grow on their idol journey. I can most definitely say the 4th generation of K-Pop is definitely going places. It might make you wanna say “grr-tah-tah-tah,” and “oh-la-la-la.”