ENHYPEN concert overshadowed by manic fans


Staffer’s feeling towards ENHYPEN remain strong even after crazy fans taint her experience at their concert.

ENHYPEN is the newest Korean pop group that’s sweeping the globe by storm. They performed at the Dickies Arena in Ft. Worth on October 6 during their very first world tour Manifesto: Day 1. My love for these seven boys had me buying tickets the second they dropped. I was so excited to see Heeseung and Jake that I rushed to the venue immediately after school. Little did I know that the fans, known as ENGENES, would become feral beasts before even getting a glimpse at the sight of NI-KI, Jungwon, Sunoo, Jake, Sunghoon, Jay, and Heeseung. 

As I waited outside the venue for the doors to open I felt the energy and excitement turn into a frenzy. NI-KI is only 16 years old, turning 17 in December, so it made total sense for the 8-19 year olds in the crowd to act like rabid hamsters but little did I know women over the age of 30 would also partake in this crazy obsession. One waiting fan put her NI-KI merch featuring his face down to adjust her outfit only for a raging Jake Sim stan to literally attack her for “putting NI-KI on the concrete” becoming more upset because it “isn’t where he belongs.”

Little did I know that the fans, known as ENGENES, would become feral beasts.

— Savannah Odell

As a Jake and Heeseung stan I stood in fear, shocked at the event that took place in front of my eyes. What hit me more, and filled what was supposed to be the best night of my life with rage, was when the same NI-KI stan that got beat up, got back up and stared at me with a disgusted look. She turned to her friend and said “NI-KI doesn’t like girls that have self-harm scars.” This same girl I felt bad for just minutes earlier judged my body for something that had haunted me my whole life – suicidal thoughts, something I attempted twice in the 6th grade. 

And this wasn’t even the end of it. When the venue finally opened, the girls pushed and shoved with all their force running at full speed to see who would get to the stage first. These ENGENES were ruthless and mean. I didn’t meet a single one that was kind to any of the people around them. 

Finally, when the concert started, the boys put on one of the best shows I have ever been to. They were full of energy and so wonderful and positive. I definitely enjoyed their performance but what I experienced prior to the concert tainted the whole event. Though I love these boys with everything in my body and soul I don’t see myself rushing to get in line with the Ft. Worth ENGENES anytime soon.