The Avengers of K-Pop: SuperM


SuperM is a South Korean pop group formed in 2019 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group.

The tall male on the stage smiled brightly towards the screaming fans. His eyes were so bright it was blinding. The shorter male walked closer to the edge of the stage and sang every note perfectly. Even though he was sweating he still looked charming. The fans screamed as each member shined while they took their places. They danced, every move mesmerizing the audience. The show ended when they waved their goodbyes and disappeared from the stage. But this was only the beginning. 

K-pop has become a huge phenomenon in the last few years. Many groups have hit the top of music charts, won Billboard awards, gone to the Grammys, appeared on Ellen, or sold out huge stadiums like Madison Square Garden. And the latest super group to lead the K-pop pack is SuperM. 

SuperM is a group made up of three SM Entertainment groups. SM Entertainment is a Korean entertainment label that owns K-pop groups such as, EXO, Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, F(x), SHINee, Red Velvet, TVXQ! and NCT. The three groups that make up SuperM include: SHINee, EXO and NCT subunits, NCT 127 and WayV. There are a total of seven members; Baekhyun and Kai (EXO), Ten and Lucas (WayV), Taeyong and Mark (NCT 127) and Taemin (SHINee.) The boys were taken from the most popular SM Entertainment boy groups to form what Lee Soo Man, the CEO of SM, calls “The Avengers of K-pop.” 

“Well, everyone was listening to them so I decided to give it a try,” Melody Valle, senior, said. “I actually liked their music plus I know some of the members. I think it’s really cool they came from different groups and formed it into one.”

After barely announcing and debuting SuperM with “JOPPING” on October 3, 2019, SuperM became the first Korean act to top charts with a debut effort. Their debut mini album, “SuperM-The 1st Mini Album,” has upbeat, hip-hop and an R&B feel to it, as well as, dance/electronic. The songs on the album include: “JOPPING”, “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, “2 Fast”, “Super Car”, “No Manners”, “JOPPING (Instrumental)”, and “I Can’t Stand the Rain (Instrumental)”. 

“‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’ is my favorite song on the album,” Valle said.

After the mini album was released, the group made their television debut on one of the most popular talk shows in America, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. They performed “JOPPING” and then introduced themselves, making the audience say “ahhh” when Taeyong gave a shout out to his mom and said “Mom, I’m on Ellen!” while waving his hands in the air with excitement. They then answered questions about what their plans are going for the future, and tried to teach Ellen how to do the famous dance move from “JOPPING”. Before the boys left the stage, they donated $50,000 to Ellen’s Wildlife Fund leaving her in shock. 

Following their television appearances, SuperM toured from November 2019 to February 2020. Their “We Are The Future Live” concerts sold out in minutes across the U.S. and Canada. 

“I was a bit shocked at how popular they got in the U.S., considering they are a Korean pop group,” Harper Souders, freshman, said. “They’ve accomplished so much after barely debuting but they are a really great group and super hardworking and talented, and their choreography is amazing as well.”