this is so scary 

its fun but jfc i’m nervous. whay if smth goes wrong? i’m sitting by two other ppl but thank god i’m not in the middle. 

the guy next to me has rly nice hands

i cannot get over this omg & the worst part is he’s probably in college or smth ?? i can’t wait to complain about this to a friend. airport crush moment?? imma kms ?

if this man could stop moving his hands maybe i could survive but nooooo 

i gotta pee and we just took off ?? im so fucked!! i rly don’t wanna get up and go but i might have to bc one wrong move and i will pee myself ?????

i kinda see the apeal in using notes as my journal ?? but my phones already at 67% so we gotta save that battery ??

i’m still drinking my drink like an idiot omg its game over for me? but it’s fine as soon as that seat belt off thing goes off i’ll get up dw blattar we can do this!!! 

now that i’m on the plane this is actually so much more enjoyable than family trips bc i can just sit here and listen to my music and dream about holding hands with the really hot guy next to me – but honestly he probably a military guy which ? kinda hot but am i mentally prepared for that? no. but we don’t gotta talk about it. i’m literally having a whole therapy session rn look at me being a healthy member of society. 

i kinda miss kris. she was so fuckin cool and i don’t get to see her anymore 🙁 her numbers somewhere in my room, but that requires looking and i’m currently on a plane to DC which is like  3 day drive. yk with how high gas prices are, would flying be cheaper? i think i might be on to something here. look at me ? i’m also dissolving into madness here!! maybe i should have paid more attention to that IR book ? well, too late now ig. i must have done a decent job bsing it bc i got that 120 ??

my drink spilled so… rip my books. thank god i didn’t put my gifts in there, that would have been bad. on the bright side, this bagel is rly good !! worth those 2 $ 

the guy next to me took out his headphones and all of a sudden it got a lot more awkward ?? 

well, this is interesting. my shit smells like mango dragon fruit ?? so oops!! i’ll clean it up tomorrow it’ll be fineeee but this guy is ridiculously hot ?? too bad he’s either older than me or has a girlfriend. airplane crush moment!! ????

i’m going to hell omg pls odessa take ur eyes off his hands ur probably making him hella uncomfortable ??