when i listen to these words, i like to imagine its you singing them to me even if it’s from a playlist you made with her. i want to think that it’s for me. could it be for me? could you be for me? sometimes i wish i could read minds. i wonder why i get the most inspiration when i think of you. 

i wanna think of you when i fall asleep 

i think of you when i listen to music, i think of you when i look over the pictures i tricked you into letting me take

i think think think 

i wish i knew if you thought of me

(do you think of me?) 

i wish, i’d like just more than a glance

but those moments in class are worth everything. they give my silly little mind something to bring to life, rather than a longing look from across the room. they give me the satisfaction of learning what you’re like. 

as i listen to these songs, i wonder if you want something like me. you probably look at me like a friend. which i can live with. i want nothing more than to just.