Aubrey is an Angel

Dedicated to my family and,

the delicate little angel of our family Aubrey.

Happy 8th Birthday to the sweetest little sister who was too precious for this Earth. 

Aubrey Mae Odell

May 4, 2013


Today would’ve been the day you were running around the living room giggling and laughing, but on this day you’re giggling and laughing in the clouds with the other children. I’ve always wondered what angel would guide me on my journey through Earth, and I never thought I would say it’s my sister. I can already see you in your beautiful wings embracing you like a warm hug and a halo so vibrant, glittery, and gold. You’re soft dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. I like to think of what we would be doing together. Would we play video games, play dress up, get ice-cream?  Once I’ve gotten my license, my dream with you was to go have a day where we had a sister day every month. I’m the oldest sibling, so I was looking forward to taking care of you and protecting you, but you’ve been the one protecting me all this time and it makes me giggle how our roles are reversed. I hope you celebrate your birthday with the most love and joy in the clouds. I hope you smile and laugh with the other little children who’ve gone like you. I know you’re looking down on us and smiling. I love you so much. Let us meet in the end and dance among the stars.