Young, driven varsity team “really wants to win”

As the varsity boys basketball team comes to their midseason with a standing record of 12 wins and 12 losses, The Colt sat down with head coach Paul Williams to talk about the team and their season so far.

The Colt: What is motivating the team to win?

Paul Williams:  We have a good, young nucleus that really wants to win.

TC: No kidding. This is probably one of the youngest varsity teams we’ve had, including sophomores Jarquavius Kent and Jadon Slack. Have you changed how you coach this year versus other years?

PW:  I haven’t switched up anything. We focus on teaching the boys how to carry themselves as men then worry about basketball. I want to teach them how to be young men in society―basketball or the real world.

TC: What was one of the most memorable games so far?

PW: When we played Lamar High School. We won 60-49, due to the mental toughness and the team effort.

The boys will take on Mansfield tonight at 7 p.m. at Mansfield High School.