With their eyes on the prize, 14 students make up Top 2% of the Class of 2019

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Making it in to the top 2% of the graduating class takes dedication, heart and time. These students gave all of that and will proudly don white robes with green stoles at graduation. (The May 29 print edition of The Colt was sent to print before the district recalculated the GPAs, this is the correct list.)

Darcy Britton, Valedictorian

Canh Nguyen, Salutatorian

3. Theodore Holloway

4. Haley Diaz

5. Nathaniel White

6. Natalie Tran

7. Samuel Shank

8. Samuel Hoffer

9. Isabel Martinez

10. Angel Hill

11. Margaret Hennessee

12. Ross Everett

13. Kanchan Patil

14. Logan Vasquez