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Behind the rules APs are people too


You’ve seen them in the halls and some of you might have even been to their offices but how well do you really know the assistant principals? “The Colt” staff sat down with each of them to find out more about their lives at and outside of AHS.


The Colt: What led you into the education field?

Natasha Newsome: Well I love working with kids and a lot of teachers and coaches inspired me, so I knew I wanted to have some sort of impact on the next generation.

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Victoria Youngblood-Baldwin: When I was in junior high, I was the student who was helping my classmates with their work and I didn’t mind. I actually enjoyed it and it was like the lightbulb effect when it all clicked and then I knew I wanted to teach.

Vanessa Vasquez: I come from a family that didn’t have much education and I just wanted to help others.


TC: Why did you become an AP?

Kijuana Carter: I wanted to help students, and get to know and better understand their struggles.

Ryan Hawkins: I wanted to reach more people and build relationships. And I wanted students to see the bright side of things and to learn from their experiences.


TC: Before becoming on AP, what was your favorite job?

Jesse Pineda: Being the Head Mariachi director at Garland High School. Most of my students had never played Mariachi music prior to their time at Garland High School and they took tremendous pride in being able to celebrate their culture.


TC: You used to teach and coach here, how does it feel coming back as an AP?

NN: It really just feels like coming home. I worked here from 2010-2018 so I’m close to the school and I’m embracing the Colt family and culture that’s still alive.


TC: What is your favorite school subject?

VV: Math! However, when I went to Arlington High as a student my AP World History teacher made me love history.


TC: What was your first job?

JP: I was a receptionist for a bail bond place.

Jonathon Randle: I had a job at my uncle’s barbecue place.

NN: I was 16 and I worked at Mr. Jim’s Pizza here in Arlington as phone services so I was taking people’s orders.

KC: I worked at Taco Bell.

VV: When I was 11 years old I started working at my father’s restaurant, then my first job away from family was being a lifeguard at Hurricane Harbor.


TC: If you could work with any grade, which one would it be?

RH: Seniors. They have a “one foot in, one foot out” reality.


TC: Are you an early bird or night owl?

VV: Early bird. I wake up at 3:49 a.m. In order to wake up that early, my goal is to be in bed by 9:30 p.m. so I can get at least seven hours of sleep.


TC: Describe your personality at school versus outside of school.

JP: At school I’m very busy, focused, and organized, outside of school I’m relaxed and calm.

KC: I have a tough yet sweet personality. I’m calm yet outgoing. My daughter would say I’m a little tougher at home (because she has to clean her room).

NN: I am pretty much the same at both places. I’m laid-back and like to have fun but I also have a business mind and need to get things done right.


TC: What are you’re looking forward to this year?

NN: I really am excited to just see where my new role takes me. It’s much different from the other jobs I’ve had so I’m ready to learn my new responsibilities.

JP: Graduation at Globe Life.

KC: I’m looking forward to meeting all the kids and helping out with all the activities and just having a great year overall.


TC: What is your favorite part of the job?

JP: The interaction with students and getting to know more about them.

JR: Watching young people realize their potential.


TC: You oversee security and safety, do you believe our safety measures are at the fullest extent?

VYB: Yes I do, especially from last year to this year. I work real close with our SRO and we are constantly looking out for ways to improve the school. It’s our goal to be as safe as possible.


TC: What’s one piece of advice you give students?

JR: You can do anything you work for.

RH: Enjoy the moment, don’t dwell on the negative.


TC: Do you have a book or movie recommendation for high school students?

VV: “Big Chickas Don’t Cry”, I love it because it’s about four cousins that grew up together and talk about their different lives. It also talks about Mexican-American culture and the tightness of family and it was very relatable to me.


TC: Can you tell me an interesting or crazy story from school?

VYB: I don’t know how known this is but supposedly there’s a ghost in the auditorium. I personally haven’t seen it but people are rumored to have in the past.

NN: I’ll say just witnessing that students rally together is crazy and mind-blowing, the family we have here is huge.


TC: If you could get any band/singer to perform at school, which one would it be?

JR: Drake.

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