The Mind

TW/CW: abduction, needle use


All I could see was black in my dream, the usual for when I’m sleeping. For a second I believed it was me sleeping, I now realize I’m surrounded by pitch black on cold concrete flooring. The only thing I remember before blacking out was that I was walking home when suddenly a man came out of nowhere, although I couldn’t see him, I could tell it was a man by the roughness of his hands on my arm when he grabbed me. I remember feeling something solid crushing against my head right before I blacked out.

He had hit me, while I was walking on the sidewalk in broad daylight and now I’m in an utterly dark and cold room. I tiredly tried to scan the room, but it was too dark. I knew there must’ve been a sink because I could hear a nearby faucet dripping water every few seconds. At first, it was a comforting sign I was still alive. Now it makes me want to break loose of these bonds more than ever. Bonds. I look at the handcuff on my right hand, attached to a pole in some sort of corner area. I can barely see my left hand but it appears badly bruised, only now do I register that it’s been aching. My jaw is as well, there’s something on my face wrapped around my mouth and it’s causing my jaw severe pain, some type of cloth or fabric. Preventing me from screaming, though I still tried with a failed attempt.

After what felt like ages there’s a light where a tall figure opens a door making sure to close it behind him. A man came into view. He was wearing a black suit and looked a little rough. That’s all I gathered before I came to a realization. I don’t know this man. He starts walking towards me, my heart now beating faster than ever. Turning on what seemed to be an old light, it dimly lit the area. He speaks but I couldn’t hear him through my heart pounding in my ears. The tears fell down my cheeks, I never in a million years thought I would be in this situation. My mind is all over the place, I have so many questions. A kick brings me back to the present. He rips the cloth off my face, and my jaw silently thanks him.

Before I could bombard him with questions he stepped into the light. He has a scar along his face, from his left cheek going upwards just past his eyebrow. Going through his eye effectively making him partially blind. White film covers his pupil making me want to stare longer and pity him, but then I remember my own situation. Dark, cold, and alone with a stranger in a seemingly small room. I realize he has a tray in his hands, food and water. The water catches my eye but I refuse to consume anything from him.

“Eat.” he says, setting the tray down and roughly kicking the tray in my direction. It stops before getting to me.

“No.” I say, my voice shaking as I say it. I mentally scolded myself as I didn’t want him to know how I felt. Looking at me, he seems angry. His hands ball up into fists and I try to prepare myself the best I could for a hit, a slap, anything. Until he turns and makes his way to the door, after turning off the light I shiver.

I realize I’m now alone in a basement of some sort. Stupidly I didn’t take in my surroundings when I had the chance and next thing I know, I hear a thud and shattering of glass. Then some low voices arguing loudly above me. I can’t make out what they are saying, but I know they’re angry. Suddenly it’s silent, no more arguing from what I can tell. The drips from the faucet are keeping me awake, and I can’t tell when my eyes are opened or closed but as the time continues I’m getting used to the darkness and I can start making out silhouettes, soon enough there’s more yelling and even louder stomps resulting in the ceiling shaking. The door bursts open, there is a man I haven’t seen before. I couldn’t see much of him. I’m blinded by the sudden light invading my eyes. Soon I can make out more of his face as I notice he has anger written all over it.

My heart starts beating fast, I feel my hands getting clammy and I know the shivering isn’t because I’m cold. He walks briskly towards me and looks at the tray I forgot about. He kicks it, angrily. The bread rolls away and the water splashes. I quickly turn my head and look away, seeing as he’s left the door open the first man stands outside it. I cry for help, and he turns his head and gives me a look of pity then turns back facing forward. That only makes me angrier, I tug on the handcuff and this second guy looks at me and gets close to my face. He whispers “why do you think you are here?” I don’t respond to him, instead I spit in his face. He looks at me as if he should have seen it coming, almost disappointed in himself. He chuckles, and I’m too busy looking at his rough hand. He’s my captor, now I know the other guy isn’t the one in charge. Lost in my thoughts it takes me a moment to register that there’s a stinging sensation in my arm. He’s speaking but I don’t have the energy to listen. I look at where I feel the pain and realize that it’s a syringe. I try to keep my consciousness and hear fighting, then a thud on the ground before I soon return to the darkness. Only to awake in my bed, drenched in sweat.