Seniors create podcast to spotlight school

Kaley Angell

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The popularity of podcasts has come to campus. A group of students have created The Stable Buddies, a podcast specifically about all things AHS. The Colt sat down with seniors Emma Delgado and Leslie Zacarias, and sponsor Eric Buechele to learn more about it.


The Colt: How did the idea of a podcast come about?

Emma Delgado: I was listening to podcasts like Jumpers Jump and wanted to do something like it.

Eric Bueduele: She came to me last year, told me her idea and asked if I could be the sponsor. She then had to fill out a form and get it approved by Ms. Humbles. 


TC: What is talked about?

LZ: We talk about many things from organizations to urban legends.

ED: Pretty much just a place to talk.

EB: But it’s drama free, we don’t bring up anything controversial.


TC: Who all is involved?

Leslie Zacarias: Emma (host/president), Gonzo (co-host/vice president), Jonathan (co-host/ outreach manager), Gabi (secretary), Jaidyn (treasurer), Tamera (social media manager), and Renyejah (graphic designer). 


TC: How did y’all come up with the name?

ED: It’s The Stable Buddies and we just tried to name it something to tie it in with the school.


TC: How often will y’all record podcasts?

LZ: We’re trying to do it twice a month.


TC: Where can listeners find it?

ED: Spotify when the first episode comes out.

LZ: You can find it on our YouTube channel too. 


TC: If other kids are interested, can they get involved?

LZ: Yes, we’re really looking for some more underclassmen since we’re all seniors and it’ll be better if we have more students who can carry it on after we leave.