The Walls

it’s closing in

that’s how it feels

nothing but the truth I always keep it real


lock it up like the doors I seal

hide away like the pain I feel

why am Ii here?


let me go like a bullet

if he has a chance he might pull it

I had to grow so I took it

I’m a king not a rook bitch

ha ha


the walls are closing

the time is closing

the time is folding

the wall are showing their true colors


pick me up from under the covers I don’t need sleep

tell me the truth so my soul can live in peace


the walls are crumbling

the time is rumbling I need to hurry up

I’m taking too long my mind is stumbling


I’m locked in a bubble

seeing nothing but trouble

a punch cam in like a football team huddle


the walls are fading

my mind is caving my thoughts are changing

my soul is hating

my connection is lost in fakeness doing shit

over and over like I’m copy and pasting