The Piñata

Running through the rain in the dark forest, I don’t know how long I’ve been running, I don’t know if they are still chasing me. I’m so scared, the rain pouring down my face, I can’t tell between my tears and the rain drops.

I saw in the distance some light coming from a…house? God please be something.

I ran up to the house and as soon as I stepped foot in front of the front door I knocked on it who knows how many times just hoping someone would open it.

After I knocked, a young lady, maybe in her early 30s opened the door.

“Hello ma’am I’m so sorry to disturb you but can I please come in just for a few minutes… I’m in a situation right now and I really need help please…,” I said scared and shaky.

“Oh hey, of course, please come in,” the woman said as she opened the door wider for me to enter.

I stepped inside her house and it had this very cozy and warm feeling to it.

“Is there anything I can help you with? Should I call the police? You seem so frightened,” the woman said in a concerned voice.

“N-no ma’am it’s okay, it’s not worth it. I’ve called the police but they never believe me.”

I looked up at the woman and she seemed almost… relieved?

“Oh ok sweetie if you insist,” she said smiling.

You’d think someone would talk you out of saying no to something like that when you are in a situation, but no…

“Well… you’re soaked. Down the hall there’s a shower, second door to your left,” said the woman.

“Thank you ma’am… oh and I totally forgot to introduce myself I’m y/n.”

“Oh that’s a very nice name.”

“Uh what’s exactly your name?”

“No need for me to say, besides we only met once,” she smiled and walked away.

I stood there very confused by her response but I just walked towards the restroom.

I stepped into the shower feeling the warm water hit my body. Something about this place made me feel odd. As I was washing my hair I heard some strange noises. It almost sounded like muffled screams. I got out of the shower and put a towel over my body. I soon realized that I didn’t have any clothes to change into. As much as I didn’t want to walk out with just a towel on, I had no other choice.

I opened the door of the restroom and the noise of a muffled scream sounded a lot louder to me.

It was coming from the room across from me.

I don’t want to be that person in the horror movies but damn, curiosity got the best of me.

I pressed my ear against the door and heard the scream but it sounded like a scream as if someone was in pain. I creaked open the door slightly and saw a man… his feet tied, hanging upside down, bleeding to death. I looked over to my left and I saw the woman with a bat, blood splattered on her, and the biggest smile on her face. Suddenly she glanced over at the door and her smile dropped. I gasped and walked away from the door as fast as possible.

“Oh y/n what are you doing?” she asked.

“O-oh um I think I’m going to head somewhere else.”

“You’re going to walk outside with just a towel on?”

I thought to myself I have to get out of here now.

“I-I’ll just run to a store it’s fine.”

“With what money?”

What am I gonna do? Damnit y/n.

“Look y/n you saw what you saw… trust me it’s not as bad as you see,” she said smiling.

“Just let me go I-I won’t say anything I swea-,”

“Y/n calm down it’s okay, like I said it not as bad as it seems,” her smile seemed to get wider.

I leaned my back on the wall, just staring at her, horrified.

“Yes I hurt people but it’s fun for me,” she said walking closer to me. “I think of it as a piñata on your birthday… when you hit it candy comes out and everyone is happy right… well, when I hit my kind of piñata…blood comes out.”

Those were the last words I heard before seeing black.

Everything was dark, it felt cold, and all I could hear was the echo of giggles from the women.