Dearth and Cloture

Progression regresses and it’s fine
Count the cracks in mirrors as you wait for the time
Your mind’s favorite distortion comes to play
Creating a charcoal puzzle consecutively
Until it decides to throw a piece away


It’s after you
And me


Recipricatory compressing machine
Looking into tomorrow’s yesterday
When the lies get in the way


Without precedent


Oh, you don’t say
Oh, don’t you say


While those pieces will never be as they were before
It will always return as it could be and maybe something more
A board game for the mistaken and lonely
A never ending plane ride
Hijacked by an amateur spy


Pumpkin smells of new
Is that the honest truth?
Running is a scam
So throw away your shoes


The laugh track is playing back and forth
The supplemental is knocking at your door


Carving faces
Radio stations
What state are we in?


Sequentially looking at tomorrow’s yesterday
And the infinitely increasing ideas of insanity
Three calliopes singing to the man
Holding hands, taking stands
But the closing eye blinks blank stares


Fictitious complications
Worry, worry, worry
You’re a little box
With ten bows tied to the top


You look and look and look
But you don’t see
Close to the bone, call the day
You’re not hearing what you think they say


The store-bought lunch meat has mouths to feed too
Don’t say you are hungry when it’s time to eat someone else’s food


It’s inconsequential
Forward thinking
Upward sinking
And it’s gone