Debate Club allows students to hash out ideas, opinions

Debate Club allows students to hash out ideas, opinions

Do you stay up to date with the news? Do you enjoy discussing current events? Do you like to argue? Then Debate Club is the place for you. The Colt sat down with Steve Stigler, club sponsor and English teacher, to learn more about the club.


The Colt: What led you to sponsor this club?

Steve Stigler: I enjoy seeing students build a sense of community with each other.


TC: How do you get ideas to discuss? What is your favorite topic to discuss?

SS: I allow students to choose topics of debate for each meeting. I prefer topics that are timely and engaging.


TC: What makes this club most rewarding?

SS: Students have the freedom to take ideas out for a test drive.


TC: Have you ever had a change of belief or thought brought about by something discussed?

SS: Yes, I still continue to evolve in my understanding of the world around me and my place in it. I don’t fully understand people who think they have learned everything they need to know.


TC: Do you believe students minds change or feel they grow as a person?

SS: Of course! I see student minds change almost daily, and that’s a good thing. The ability to change one’s mind based on new information is a sign of maturity and wisdom. There is no virtue in adhering to beliefs simply for the sake of being loyal to them. Watching young people grow and change is one of the most satisfying reasons to be a teacher.