Coexist Club’s mission is simple: to make the world a better place


In a year fraught with cultural and political divides, the Coexist Club has provided students with a safe place to discuss and share their thoughts and experiences. The Colt sat down with Sara Idris, senior, to learn more about the creation of Coexist.


The Colt: What made you first start this club?

Sarah Idris: I started the club because I wanted a place to discuss things with my peers and bring awareness to ideas that I couldn’t find in the classroom.


TC: What was your set goal for this club?

SI: I have a slide filled with the missions and goals for this club but at the base, it’s to grow empathy within each of us and ultimately make the world a better place.


TC: What do you enjoy most about the club?

SI: I love that I have a space for deep discussions and a chance for diverse people to connect on fundamental topics.


TC: Have you ever had a change of belief or thought because of this club?

SI: I just find myself loving the people who attend more and being grateful that they decided to share their ideas and experiences.


TC: What makes this club rewarding?

SI: Honestly the people are who make this club rewarding. It was centered around building a community and I feel like people felt like they were valuable.


TC: Would you recommend this club to a friend or someone to try out?

SI: I 110% recommend everyone to join.