Curiosity Can Kill

Curiosity Can Kill

Tom walked up to the abandoned mansion, he felt a chilling shiver go up his arched spine. The front door slowly creaked open, but no one was touching it. Tom walked in and the door slammed behind him leaving him in the dark without moonlight. He tried to get his flashlight out but it slipped out of his sweaty hands. Tom searched blindly for his flashlight. Once he found it, he turned it on, feeling slightly safer. A book fell off a shelf behind him causing him to jump and turn around.

“Oh really, 50 years and that book decides to fall now,” Tom said jokingly, only trying to make himself feel better. 

Tim went to the door and tried to leave, he twisted the knob and pulled, but it didn’t budge. He took out his phone with shaking hands, out of battery. 

“Of course it is…” he said. 

Suddenly, behind him, he heard heavy footsteps. It sounded like a man bigger than him. He went into fight or flight mode, and he knew he couldn’t fight, so as fast as he could he began to run until he couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore. He saw a closet and hid in there, after about 5 minutes he felt safe and walked out, slowly looking around. He sneakily went back to the front door, seeing a couple rooms he hadn’t before. His mind was curious and he wanted to see what was in them but he valued his life more than he wished to explore this huge place. When he got to the door, it could be opened but it was like someone was holding it on the other side. He pushed as hard as he could until he ran out of energy. His heart began racing as he thought he might not ever get out.

“Please, let me out…I was just curious about the house…please..I wanna go home..” Tom pleaded.

The man who responded sounded like a big guy, with a deep voice, “So you promise to not come back?”

Tom, surprised someone actually responded, said, “Well if it’s ok with you, I would like to explore this place occasionally. It’s really interesting.”

After a little bit of silence, the guy responded with, “Sure, but don’t tell anybody about what’s inside.”

“Ok, deal,” Tom replied

You have to run from here. He’s here.

Tom tried the door again and found that he could open it. When he looked out to see who the guy was, there was no one there. The door slammed shut behind him and his heart slowed down to a calm and steady pace.

Once or twice a day, every other week, he visited that mansion. He found it was more fun to do it at night since he was really into horror games. This was the most fun he had had out of a game in years.

And then one day, he found a key. Unsure where it went, he looked around until he found one door that was locked.

He took a deep breath as he unlocked the door. It was a huge room. The only room without cobwebs and ripped wallpaper. It was the master bedroom. He shined his light on the bed and he saw a man lying there, dead, At first Tom wasn’t so calm. But then he began to think.

‘He looks recently dead. At least within the week, or two or three,’ Tom thought. ‘If it had been more than a few weeks, more of his flesh would have decomposed.’

The same voice appeared behind him, “I tried to scare you away so that you didn’t get hurt, but it didn’t work. Not only that, you started coming here as a part of your schedule.”

Tom’s heart began racing again.

“So you were killed here and now?” Tom asked.

The ghost responded, “He’s coming for you since you know about my body. You’re taking this extremely well.”

Tom looked calm, but he definitely wasn’t.

The ghost continued, “You have to run from here. He’s here.”

Tom heard footsteps from the hall near the front door. He closed the door instinctively and hid. He saw the person pass the room he was in from the light passing from under the door. As soon as it passed, Tom zoomed out of the room as fast as he could. He couldn’t see the person following him but he heard their footsteps. Tom rushed out of the old mansion. The person following him tried to leave but the ghost slammed the door shut on him and Tom got into his car. The person who was following Tom caught up with him and swung his ax at his window but it bounced off. It was smart to buy bullet proof glass Tom thought as he raced straight to the police station to report the killer and what he looked like from his blurry memory.

The next day on the news, the killer was reported found. The ghost whispered “Thank you” and Tom smiled as he felt safe once again.

The end