The Tree

Walking down the steps towards the wooded area in my backyard.

Leaning forward to the last step, placing both feet on the ground, looking up there it was.

The tree.

It looks like any other tree you see walking down the street but for some reason this particular tree just stands out to me.

Sitting across from it, just staring at the leaves on the branches.

They were still a settled green but I of course noticed some that were slowly changing color.

Autumn was here.

Just the thought of it brings joy to me.

Placing my knees up to my chest, looking up at the tree once more.

It stands out so much, it’s not too big and not too small.

Other taller and bigger trees towering over it, making it look so small but, it’s just right for me.

Feeling a gush of wind blow the cold air causing a shiver down my spine.

Standing up and walking towards the tree watching how the branches and leaves sway side to side with the wind.

Touching a bark on the tree, the texture rough but yet kind of a soft feeling.

Taking one last look at the delicate tree, turning around heading up the stairs to my house.

This isn’t a goodbye but it’s definitely a I’ll see you soon.