Hey Harper


Hey Harper,

This is 2020 you, yeah I know 2020 yikes. I know that year was like a Hunger Game tournament but, you survived that’s all that matters. Anyways, 2020 was pretty wack huh? People getting sick, lives being lost, so much anger and madness it was all so overwhelming, I don’t understand why that year was like that hmmm guess we’ll never know. Anyways, how are you? Are you feeling ok? You’re eating well? Keeping up with your studies? You better be, girl, we gots a future ahead of us so keep your head up high. Also, I really want to know, how’s the present time for you? What I mean by that is the year your reading this, is everything back to normal? Is Corona gone, there’s no more madness, school back in session? I know I have so many questions but, this year has been just so dreadful and nothing good has really come out of it to me. I just really hope all of this will be over soon and we can all just live life the way we did. Anyways Harp, I’m gonna bounce, I hope you are living a good life not letting people get to you and the main thing is keep doing you, don’t let people stop you from things you want to do. Keep on going sis.


– Harper Souders 9/29/2020 <3