Dear 2019 Sav


Dear 2019 Sav,

Oh boy where do I start? Should I start at the part where you get obsessed with a game about anime demon boys or the entire pandemic going on? Also don’t waste all your grim on Mammon it isn’t worth it. Let’s start at the part where you say something dumb as a joke and it becomes reality only to find out a few months later you’re psychic hahaha *serious face*. No, seriously though your mental health is bad now, but ooohhoo just you wait buddy it’s gonna look like your grades in the 5th grade soon. But yeah, there’s a pandemic and you will have nothing but an intense amount of anxiety and a shortage of toilet paper so you better not make a joke in November about this. Then again, I can’t stop you, you have just as many brain cells as your new beagle Daisy. Oh yeah, you got a new dog. She’s dumb, but also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, or you’ll ever see. Anyways, don’t trust everything you see. Except that girl you thought was crazy on Twitter that hooked up with an SM rookie and was drunk tweeting that he was close with Haechan and NCT 2020 was happening. That’s the only thing you should believe; everything else is a fever dream. NCT 2020 is happening October 12, 2020 so save up your money. And Don’t waste it on Mammon and Haechan photocards like you have been. Dumb dumb. There’s two new members too. I won’t say their names cause that wouldn’t be fun, but one of them is an ex-TikToker. Yikes, I can hear your squeal of disgust; tone it down would’ya?! I know this is a lot to process and you’re super dramatic so I can already tell what you’re doing right now. “Omg but I’m supposed to see BTS blah blah blah.” OHHHH WAIT YOU DON’T KNOW THAT TILL YOUR BIRTHDAY IN FEBRUARY! I’M SO SORRY I SPOILED THE SURPRISE! oh wait you don’t get to see them anyways lol. Anyways, you get a Stray Kids fan sign so it makes up for it. I won’t tell you what member signed your album, but let’s just say you guessed correctly on which member signed it. Also something else with you boys Stray Kids comes up that’s super heartbreaking and makes your super angry; it’s gonna take a toll on you for a while, but that Friday when Brennen hands you the photocard make sure you pay attention and don’t get dog poop on your finger. Moving on! TREASURE DEBUT! Yes, the long awaited debut happens! It’ll be a serotonin boost in these sad times! Same with all of the Donghyuck lives and texts! Also start exercising now because your gonna start having a semi healthy lifestyle once the pandemic starts so might as well start early. Umm I don’t really know what else to say except you can make it through and the year suckkkksss, but it has some good things like  HELLO NCT 2020!?!? Also you’re not crazy about all that stuff you and Harper talk about. Cause in a month or two you might just say something about having a bad year to get something wonderful in the next 3 years. Just you wait. I know I’m waiting for it. I have two years left and I’m nervous. It’ll all be okay and you can make it I promise!


With some love and some hate,

Sav ♡︎ (P.S SuperM x Marvel Studios collab and Levi still thinks you’re normie xoxo)