By the Time I Stepped Outside, the Leaves were Already on Fire


Looking out the window, watching the pouring rain hitting the glass, not paying attention to the lesson being held in front of me, my mind was in a different place right now. I recently had a heated break up with my boyfriend that I thought would be my lover for the rest of my life but, no. He loved someone else. I don’t blame him for loving someone like her, she’s gorgeous. Her long brown hair, beautiful eyes, model like body, and a smile that can brighten up a whole room. She was an actual goddess and the love they have is just so real and something I wished I could’ve had. My thoughts were soon interrupted by the dismissal bell. I packed my bag and headed out for my next class. As I was walking down the hallway there she was, her elegant figure walking down the hall with a confidence that everyone wishes for.

‘I hope he treats her well’ I thought to myself.

As soon as I thought that I heard a loud scream echo throughout the hall. All heads turned to see where the screaming came from.

“What is he doing?!” a girl yelled.

I could recognize that voice from anywhere. I walked towards her to where she was, everyone crowding to see what was going on. Squeezing myself through the crowd of people I was finally able to see and then I saw it.

He was standing by the tree in the pouring rain with a lighter in his hand. That tree is everything to Him and I. That tree is where we confessed our love, that tree was where our first date was, that tree was where we exchanged our first kiss, that tree is where we said our first “I Love You”, that tree is where we said we would be together forever, that tree… is where we said “Lets break up.”

A single tear escaped from my eye. I can’t let him ruin something that important to me. Running and running as fast as I can to the exit praying to God himself that I wasn’t too late. Pushing the door opening I saw it all. I was too late.

“YUTA!!!” I screamed. He looked over at me with wide eyes.

“Harper listen I didn’t mean to-” “Didn’t mean to? Didn’t mean to are you insane!?” I said interrupting him.

“I don’t know if you don’t give any crap about this tree but I do, It’s something I can go to escape whatever is going on in my life but you just had to destroy-”

“I’M SORRY” Yuta yelled, breathing heavily looking straight at me.

“I’m sorry I was being selfish and I did it for my own sake” he said with his voice cracking.

I slowly walked closer to him, the heat of the fire radiating off towards my body.

“Why? just… why?” I asked softly.

“I messed up Harper, I never loved her, something came over me and I took everything out on you and caused something we had to shatter.” Yuta said with eyes starting to tear up.

I was so focused I didn’t even hear the sirens of firetrucks near.

Right before I could say anything I felt two arms around my shoulders hugging me tight.

“I’m so so sorry,” Yuta said, hugging me.

I just stood there staring at the tree, the flames growing bigger, the arms around my body getting tighter by the second.

“Please come back to me, I need you” He said with his neck buried in the crook of my neck. I hugged him back, still staring at the tree.

“HEY YOU KIDS NEED TO GET BACK OVER HERE AWAY FROM THE FLAMES NOW!!!” a fireman yelled. I didn’t even realize the fire department was here. I pulled away from the hug and grabbed Yuta’s hand and ran towards the men in the protection gear.

“You two stay over here” a man said. We stood there just watching the tree basically getting destroyed.

Flashbacking to when I was running and praying that it wouldn’t be too late. Was that a sign from God, was he trying to make Yuta and I’s relationship work out again. Did He want me to see by the time I stepped outside the leaves were already on fire.

I guess we’ll never know…..