Quarantine got your down? Party at home with latest from PARTYNEXTDOOR


PARTYNEXTDOOR releases first album since August 2016.

If you’re a PARTYNEXTDOOR fan, the anticipation of the release of “PARTYMOBILE” during this quarantine was very exciting. Not only were we able to hear different sounds from Party, but he blessed us with 15 tracks of greatness and versatility.  

I was mostly excited but also nervous because I have been listening to Party since 2014. He hadn’t released new music since August 2016, “P3” which only had two songs I liked. With “PARTYMOBILE”, I really liked the instruments and vocal ranges over the beats. I was definitely getting “P1” and “P2” vibes from this. The only dislike is that I wished we could’ve got an album much sooner and I wish he had featured more artists. 

I really think “PARTYNEXTDOOR” will have some hits with this album, such as “Believe It” featuring Rihanna; though some people were kind of sad because she only said four lines. I’m glad he isn’t letting anything stop him from his passion and I think he’ll have more success with this album than any of his others combined. I hope we continue to hear more music from him and I hope he doesn’t pull a Rihanna on us. Party is back in full force and I’m just excited to see what’s next from his catalog of music.