UIL Social Studies team competes at State for first time in team’s history


Provided by Jennifer Finley-Stubbs

The UIL Social Studies team competed at State for the first time in the team’s history; they finished 5th.

After a year of record-breaking athletics, the UIL Social Studies team put academics on the list with their first trip to State.

“I am excited,” said senior Darcy Britton, who is also a part of the highly successful AcDec team.

In addition to Britton, this year’s team consisted of seniors Rebecca Cichock and Dalton Lawing, and junior Madison Gage. They were sponsored by history teacher Jennifer Finley-Stubbs.

“The only part that I played was in recruiting students that I thought would do well,” Finley-Stubbs said. “I do not take any credit for what my students have achieved. This is only possible because of their hard work and dedication.”

As in years past, the team placed at Districts and then the meetings and studying intensified as they prepared for Regionals. Their meetings consisted of a variety of studying strategies including sharing Google Docs filled with information, PowerPoints and even Quizlets. Other study materials consisted of a 200+ term packet and the book The Race Beat that focuses on the role newspapers played during the Civil Rights movement. Having study methods students could access outside of class was beneficial.

“This allows us to work with each other even when we can not be in the same room,” Finley-Stubbs said.

The studying paid off and the team placed first at Regionals.

It was honestly kind of surprising,” Cichock said. “We looked at all the scores and knew Lakeridge would be a big competitor so knowing that not only we placed first but beat them by 20 or 30 points feels really amazing.”

After of a successful run in Regionals, the team competed against 25 teams from around the state in Austin on May 4.

Cichock, who joined because she enjoys the platter of new information UIL offers and how it varies from our school’s curriculum, was enthusiastic about going to State.

“It is definitely an honor and we are proud to be going,” she said.

The team brought home fifth place and Finley-Stubbs said they were motivated by potential scholarships UIL offers as well as performing well for themselves.

“We will be going out to a celebratory dinner no matter what,” she said. “I want them to celebrate the end of a terrific competition season. In my eyes, they are already winners!”