The end of senior year makes staffer reflect on changes she’d make given another chance

Arlington High has helped shape who I am as a person. The last four years of my life have been centered around this place. The teachers here have been like parents to me, and the students here have become my family. The yearbook staff has become my group of people, when I thought I didn’t have one. Miller is like my mom, and the staffers have become my siblings.

This last year at Arlington High, all I’ve wanted to do was leave; I can’t wait for college. However, the closer it gets to the end of the year, the more I wish I could do it all again. Make better decisions, go to class more, and join the yearbook staff earlier. This year at AHS has, by far, been my favorite year yet.

I actually went to football games. I was front row every game, and if you ask the players, they could hear me screaming my head off. I got involved, made new friends, and did things that I always considered “lame”, and you know what? I had a freaking blast.

Don’t get me wrong. High school is hard. Getting up every morning, making it to class on time, doing the assignments for eight classes (six if you’re a lucky senior, like me), and trying not to scream your head off during plus period – all of it is freaking hard.

High school students do not get the credit that we deserve. Many of us have jobs, and are struggling to get our eight hours of sleep, and three meals a day. It’s nearly impossible, but for some reason, I’m going to miss every second of it. I can count the number of teachers that I’m coming back to visit on one hand, but they made high school worth it.