Lifelong fan reviews “To Selena With Love”


Written 17 years after the untimely death of iconic artist Selena Quintanilla, “To Selena With Love” traces the relationship between her and her husband Chris Perez.

In a surprisingly quick read, Perez shares 296 pages worth of bittersweet moments between the two. He begins with how they met and takes the reader through their relationship to how they imagined their life as man and wife. The commemorative edition of the novel includes new photos and bonus material not found in the first edition.

In an interview with “Entertainment Affair”, Perez states he wrote the book to show us the side of Selena “off the stage”. He wanted to show the side of Selena that was not a superstar but a regular woman who enjoyed every day life and the small things.

Towards the end of the book Perez talks about how Selena impacted his life. He goes on to say that “she showed me to how to drop my guard and embrace life”.

Although it has been generations since the star’s passing she continues to capture the heart and attention of people everyday. Books, like this one, movies and social media accounts still run by her family help longtime fans keep her memory alive and entice new listeners to become fans.

I definitely recommend the book as it has given me another piece of Selena to hold onto. She is imprinted on my heart and I will continue to admire her and follow her for years to come.