Lady Colts on ‘Race to State’


Steve Aguillon

Senior Brooke Fearka hits the ball over the net and over the heads of the Cedar Hill Longhorns.

With multiple wins already under their belts, the Lady Colts are on their way to fulfilling their ‘Race to State’ motto. Although the team lost their first game against Marcus High School, they came back in a tournament, beating not only Marcus, but Martin as well.

“We were on fire because of the rivalry,” Brooke Fearka, senior, said.  

Fearka, one of this year’s captains, was not the only one impacted by the win.

“Beating Martin was awesome,” Maddy Knott, freshmen, said. “I hadn’t even officially gone to AHS yet when we won.”

Despite being nervous, Knott was encouraged by the energy level of her team and described it as the best game she ever played.

In their game against Cedar Hill this past Tuesday, the Lady Colts seemed to have met their match, however, Lauriebeth Byrom, senior and co-captain, felt that they could not lose.

“Our chemistry as a team is there, and that’s how you win,” she said.

Last year we were a team of players, but this year we’re a team of best friends.”

— Lauriebeth Byrom

Despite this, the first round ended with Cedar Hill in the lead, 19-25, but the Colts looked anything but dejected. They came back to win the next four rounds, winning the game with much celebration.

The Lady Colts worked as a cohesive unit. Few words were shared during the games, but everyone knew exactly where to go. In a series of skids and falls that looked nothing but painful, the girls acted as if they were controlled by a single brain. Knott especially did not seem at a disadvantage because of her younger age.  

“I never want the older girls to think I can’t do something just because I’m a freshman,” she said.

Part of the reason the team works together so well is most likely due to the sisterly bond they share.

“Last year we were a team of players, but this year we’re a team of best friends,” Byrom said.

Even when points were lost, the team didn’t fail to meet in the middle of the court for a group hug.

That camaraderie will help the girls meet their goals for the season.

“I hope we go to state,” Byrom said.

Fearka cracked a hopeful smile at that as well.

The Lady Colts will try to continue their winning streak Friday against Mansfield.