AP finds great reward in running

AP finds great reward in running

Heart pumping, muscles burning, footsteps falling rhythmically. Part of her wants to stop but part of her knows she’ll push on.

It teaches you about yourself.

— Eboni Nix

Long distance running is not for everyone. It takes time, perseverance and determination. It is a feat that few are able to achieve. Eboni Nix, assistant principal, can tell you first hand how rewarding and how difficult the experience can be.

“I was not built to run long distance,” Nix said. “When I started running my 5ks back 15 years ago, I used to say to myself, ‘I would never be able to run a half marathon, I would never be able to run a marathon’.”

Nix kept at it though and now runs competitively. She follows a strict exercise regimen and diet, but the love of the sport also fuels her.

“With just persistence and truly falling in love with long distance and doing half marathons, it’s all I want to do now,” she said.

Nix admits she started slow but she she knew it would take time and determination.

“It teaches you about yourself,” she said. “It teaches you about endurance, discipline, suffering, and perseverance.”

And though it is hard, the reward is great.

“After you complete a marathon you have a sense that nothing is impossible,” Nix said.