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Mr.Colt, a jaw-dropping sensation


The annual cheer-leading fundraiser event, Mr. Colt, brought in its usual large crowd and great excitement from audience members contestants both. The mock male beauty pageant included some of the best performances, most compelling declarations of young love, and sharpest wit anyone has ever seen from popular teachers Micah Green and Ryan Willingham.

The introduction to the show was an obligatory and relevant group dance of “Macho Man” from all the competitors, which already had onlookers stifling a giggle. Cheers and whoops filled the auditorium as their favorite potential Mr. Colt appeared on stage. After the students performed, five teacher contestants proceeded to break into their own dance number to “Twist and Shout” and, much like Ferris Bueller himself, dazzled the crowd.

Following the duel performances, the traditional Fun Wear competition proceeded. The theme was ‘70s, which prompted students and teachers to wear costumes inspired by “Star Wars”, pop culture icons, and other generalizations from that decade.

Next was, arguably, the most anticipated section of the competition: the lip sync. The mash-up of songs and the dance performances had people amazed and amused. Green even said that senior Logan Gastrock, the second runner up, junior Quentin Paramore, the first-runner up, junior Ben Butler, the winner of Mr. Colt, and their group had one of the best performances he had ever seen.

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“We all put a lot of work into this,” Paramore said. “We each choreographed our own sections of the performance and we weren’t afraid to give constructive criticism to one another, and that’s why I think we worked so well.”

Last but not least was the question and answer section of the program. It is custom for the participants to be escorted out by a varsity Colt cheerleader and then answer generic inquiries about themselves. These could include, ‘If your life was a movie, what would it be called?’ or ‘What can always cheer you up after a bad day?’ The answers were all amusing and lighthearted, with many of the contestants praising their significant others or family members.

And finally the winners were announced! In the student category, Butler took home first prize, and out of the teachers, Matt Waldman.

Overall, it was a fun evening for all involved. The participants gave it their all, and we could tell.

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