Reporter wishes for something more than same old ‘bubble gum pop’

Georgie Rubino, Reporter

“I threw a wish in a well. Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell. I looked to you as it fell and now you’re in my way…” Now that you’re singing that song in your head, you’re probably going to hate me. Carly Rae Jepsen became an overnight sensation with “Call Me Maybe”. Fun even did a cover of that song, along with countless others that you can find on YouTube.
The whole album consists of get-up-and-dance music, the kind I would play on a night out with my girlfriends. We would probably blast it in my car with the windows rolled down singing horribly at the top of our lungs. But in all honesty, I am tired of all this bubble gum pop! All that seems to be playing on the radio is the same, old mainstream music. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa and Jessie J all have the same sound and I am tired of listening to the same thing over and over. Break up songs, songs about wanting to kiss that ‘one special guy’, falling in love and songs that tell a story about driving around town – the world of pop music should give listeners something new.
Jepsen’s album, “Kiss”, however, has a few great songs. “Good Time” featuring Owl City is a fun song to listen to while “Beautiful” featuring Justin Beiber, although I am not a fan of his, adds something special to the album. It presents a different sound, mood, meaning and emotion to the album. Although it has a moderate tempo, it still has a pretty good and fun beat to listen to and the lyrics speak something different from the rest of the album. This song reminds me of a mix between “Not Like The Movies” by Katy Perry and “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. The mood of “Not Like The Movies” mixes with lyrics similar to that of “What Makes You Beautiful” and makes a sweet, sappy love song. “What makes you so beautiful is that you don’t know how beautiful you are to me. It’s how you take my breath away. Feel the words that I don’t say. I wish somehow I could say them now” presents an amazing collaboration of the writing styles of Jepsen and Bieber.
The rest of the tracks on the album sound the same. While the songs and lyrics are cute and remind me of little puppies running around with ‘Tiny Little Bows’, which by the way is an awful song,  there is no variety between the beats, lyrics and meanings. It’s all dance music. Jessie J has a few songs that are mostly used at parties and cheesy school dances, but she has some variety in the lyrics and sound. Carly Rae Jepsen should try to do the same.
If you like Carly Rae Jepsen, go ahead and buy the album. Buying “Beautiful” by Jepsen and Bieber will definitely be worth your money if you’re into sappy, cheesy music like me. If you like bubble gum pop, Carly Rae Jepsen’s album is good for a first try at a full album with more than four tracks that aren’t covers of other artists’ works; but I’m just tired of listening to the same type of music and I prefer variety in my music.