Upcoming alt rock band shows potential

Marley Martinez, Staff Writer

Upcoming alternative rock band from California, Falling Awake, played an ecstatic show at Six Flags Over Texas on October 13.

The band only had a few select songs but had an outstanding performance. “Ceremony for Myself,” a very catchy tune, had the audience in the mood for more. One of my personal favorites from the performance was “Growing Younger” because the unique sound caught my attention and had me hooked.

I was blown away by the brilliant guitar solos played by Adam Brown, lead singer Ritchie Dandan kept it clean and sweet, tying the band together with smooth vocals, while Jonathan Haggerty harmonized background vocals and strummed electric sounds. Alex Hamilton had a strong bass line and nice moves that kept the audience pumped, and drummer Jeremy Hilliard played with great energy and showed his ability to keep an amazing beat.

The band was all on the same page and collaborated well. I rate the show and the band a solid 10. For such a well put together group with such an awesome new sound, they were very down to earth and friendly.

Falling Awake’s debut album “Blind” will contain six tracks. I strongly suggest the album be bought when it drops at the end of January 2013.