Staffer reports on Homecoming


Shelby Dykes

Seniors Bailey Harris and Colton Fulton smile after being crowned Homecoming queen and king.

David Green, Reporter

Last Friday marked Arlington High’s first home football game for the year, and it certainly started out with pizzaz. First the band took the field and performed an exquisite rendition of the Alma Mater. They were followed by the choir, who sang the national anthem angelically to start off the match.

The Colts’ opponents, the Timberview Wolves, won the coin toss, and thus got the ball first. The Colts’ defense proved itself strong, as they stopped the Wolves and took possession of the ball. The Wolves responded with a strong defense as well. Neither side gave in, and the first quarter ended without any points scored.

Both sides maintained their defense during the second quarter. With around a minute left on the clock, the Colts grabbed the fumble close to the goal line, only to be intercepted by the Wolves once again, and no points were scored.

As soon as everyone was off the field, the halftime show began. Both bands gave an excellent performance, along with a jazzy number from the phenomenal Colt Kickers. After that the Homecoming crowning ceremony commenced. Principal Jennifer Young  was escorted onto the field by last year’s Homecoming king, Cole Enger. They presented this year’s winners: seniors Colton Fulton and Bailey Harris. Both were overjoyed that they were the Homecoming king and queen.

“Honestly I thought everybody out there deserved it 100% and I was completely shocked and really blessed to get the award,” Harris said.

Fulton felt the same, amid thoughts of the game and his StuCo responsibilities.

“Being student council president, I had to run everything, but my mind was mostly on the game,” Fulton said. “But I was extremely blessed and the experience was amazing. It was also really nice to hear everyone cheering for you.”

The Colts started off the second half without much conviction. The Timberview Wolves pushed through the Colt defense and scored several touchdowns. The game spiraled downhill from that point onward. With just two minutes left in the third quarter, the Wolves were ahead by 17 points. Hanging their heads, many disappointed fans left early. The final score was Colts-3 Timberview-36.

Quarterback senior Michael Gray gets ready to receive the ball in hopes of moving the play downfield.