Republicans interfere in first daughters’ wardrobes

Meghan Williams, Reporter

Newsflash: apparently, anything that even shows a glimpse of legs or open toe shoes is too scandalous for the Republicans. That’s right, Obama’s own daughters have caught the label of being “improperly dressed”, and now the Republican party is going to propose a dress conduit for any of the president’s children.

This is 2015 Republicans, you cannot expect all girls to dress like Amish people.”

— Meghan Williams

Of course this is ridiculous and pretty much everyone thinks so.

If they were wearing tank tops and booty shorts while smacking on gum and playing the Kim Kardashian game on their phones, maybe I would see the problem but, Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, are dressed very maturely whenever they’re with their father whatever the occasion.

The bill would be called “The Respectable First Family Act”, and would reinforce a more “appropriate” dress code for the vice president’s and president’s children under the age of 18. The odd thing about this bill though is that for the young women, they have like a million rules (skirts can’t be more than 1 inch above the ankle, feet cannot be exposed, shirt or blouse cannot be shorter than 1 inch from the wrist, etc.), yet all it says for the boys is “Look mature and presentable”. We can detect some sexism going on here but still, this is 2015 Republicans, you cannot expect all girls to dress like Amish people.

This bill is a ridiculous idea, so much so that I actually laughed thinking it was a joke when it was first brought to my attention. This bill should not even be considered, and all necessary measures should be taken to stop this.

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