Chvrches new album religious experience

David Green, Reporter

Chvrches new album, ‘The Bones of What You Believe’, typifies a fresh techno beat, with snappy song such as, “The Mother We Share”, “By the throat”, and “You Caught the Light”.

The Scottish band includes guitarist Iain Cook, synthesiser Martin Doherty, and vocalist Lauren Mayberry. The group, originally called “Churches”, changed the u to a v to make internet searches more efficient.

‘The Bones Of What You Believe’ was released in the United States in September. The album was debuted in the top 10 on Itunes. The song, “The Mother We Share” was a top 10 track in Alternative Radio this past fall and was also the most played song in 2012 on Sirius’s XMU.

Although not personally much of a techno fan, I enjoyed the majority of these songs and their motifs. The fast beats and aloof vocal tone formed a cohesive texture, everything seemed to flow together and work off of each other. The album as a whole was also refreshingly varied: some were dance-y tunes, and others more ballad-y, the kind you’d belt out in the car.

The smorgasbord of different tones combined to make this album very easy to listen to, and I would highly recommend it.