Lego Movie reveals unexpected appeal

David Green, Reporter

Lego movie is a movie everyone would enjoy; from childrens ages to 4 to 40. I watched this movie with my dad and little brother. The former two participants were unsure about the movie before watching it, but, when the movie was over, all of us were very pleased with the outcome.

The movie shows the creative landscapes from a plethora of different lego sets. A cowboy setting, a colorful rainbow-land, and, of course, the traditional and famous, Lego City all featured in the setting, making the world seem truly seamless. All of the lego people move about the city, following the instructions, to live their everyday lives.

The main Character, Emit, stumbles upon a certain piece that makes him special. Emit tries to figure out what makes him the special and save his friends from the evil Lord Bussiness. On his quest, he meets friends such as Lego Batman, and Lego Han Solo.

I found this video to be unexpectedly delightful . Yes, it is a large title for a childrens movie, but the creativity, story, and character development made this movie an emotional experience. The saddest part of the film, in fact, was its ending, when I realized I wasn’t a child playing with legos anymore.