Clinical Rotation students receive certification

Meghan Williams, Reporter

After intense studying and practice, 13 Health Science Clinical Rotation students passed the test to receive their Certified Nursing Assistant certification. This is remarkable for two reasons: first, 13 students took the test and all 13 passed, and second, this is only the second year the certification was available to students in AISD.

These students were well prepared for this test because of the skills they practiced in and outside of the classroom.

“We practiced our skills in class and we went to a nursing home and we practiced our skills on patients there, ” Muhammad Rohaizad, junior, said. “We had a set of 22 skills, and we just went through them, making sure we knew them.”

The test they took may have seemed difficult to other people, but since these students studied well and were confident in their skills, it was fairly easy for them.

“For the skills, it was pretty easy, because we watched our teacher show us how to do some of the skills, whereas the written test was kind of hard for me because we didn’t really study for that, our main focus was the skills part,” Fatima Hussien, senior, said.

All of these talented students most likely want to go into the medical field for their careers, so getting these certification and learning these skills now will greatly benefit them in the future.

“It really helps you dabble in your field of what you want to do, so you get to see if this is really what you want to do for a career,” Jackie Case, senior, said. “This made me realize this is what I want to do.”

The students who received their Certified Nursing Assistant certification are:

  • Linh Phan

  • Michael Monsevais

  • Jackie Case

  • Ashley Rainwater

  • Colette Sandoval

  • Fatima Hussien

  • Jordi Trinidad

  • Gabrelle Williams

  • Cynthia Martinez

  • Muhammad Rohaizad

  • Emily Head

  • Mercedes Salinas

  • Ariana Rodriguez (Sam Houston)