Library gets a new look

Hannah Flenniken and David Green

Over the summer, the library went through a transformation. Many improvements such as music, a coffee machine and a circulation desk are currently helping students to enjoy and navigate the library better. The Colt asked Maryjane Beane, the head librarian of Arlington High School, the details and her opinions of the improved library.


The Colt: What do you like most about the new changes?

Beane: I love the new wall color. The fresh green brings a warmer, cozier feel to the library. The previous color, which was nicotine white, was nasty. Also, the circulation desk is now centered and highly convenient for my and the students’ use.

TC: Is there anything along the way in means of improvements that has not come yet?

B: Yes. In addition, there will be new couches, chairs, rolling tables and a sound system. It creates a better working environment when there is music playing in the background. We have a survey set up where you can list songs that you would like to be played in the library.

TC: Does the new setup make the work faster or more efficient?

B: Not everything is in full swing yet, but the renovation has improved our efficiency. There is better access for the staff to help the students.

TC: Is there anything you would change or improve?

B: Yes. I would have liked to put the book drop, which is located on the left front side of the circulation desk, in a more direct pathway from the door. This way, students could walk in and the book drop would be right there. Instead, it is on the right front side. Sometimes what you put on a page looks different in reality.

TC: What are people’s reactions to the changes?

B: Everyone so far has been very positive. The changes to the library themselves have created a more positive environment.

TC: Did the renovation meet your expectations?

B: Yes. We were limited in funds, but overall I am satisfied. I am especially satisfied with the new artwork and color.

TC: Have the snack and/or coffee machines caused any issues?

B: Neither have has issues yet, but if issues arise, rules will be adjusted. Hopefully it will

not get to that point.

TC: Was this a department order or did you request the library makeover?

B: I requested it. I have been saving for this for eighteen years. Mrs. Young approved, so the remodeling was carried out.


Things you should know about the library:

Our library has more computers than any other high school in Arlington.

We are the only school that has a coffee machine. Mrs. Beane recommends the French Vanilla.

Old bookshelves are being used to store backpacks and other materials so that they won’t be scattered all over the floor.

There is a shelf where you can donate and share books.

School supplies are provided when students need them.

There is a café area to sit and play games like scrabble and chess.