Highly anticipated police academy program comes to AHS for next school year

David Green, Reporter

Next school year, Arlington High will be providing a course for seniors who are interested in and committed to the police force. This course will be a dual credit course for seniors who qualify. Applicants are urged to be focused, as if they were about to go and try out for the actual police academy.

“We made the set up after the police academy, including schedules and training.” Director Craig Wright says.

The dual credit class will be mostly all hands on. The programs want to make this as real as possible, to prepare students with police academy physical training programs and work with real crime investigators.

“The crime investigators will come out and show you hands on training. We want to make this as real as possible. Students will be taught by real police officers.” Wright says.

The course will take place during both 7th and 8th period, after school, and on Saturdays at Martin High School.